Day 3 of the Xperia scavenger hunt - win an Xperia S and more!

Keep those eyes peeled to the site for a chance to win

Day 3 of the Xperia scavenger hunt - win an Xperia S and more!

It's the third day of our Xperia Unleashed scavenger hunt in association with Sony Mobile, and there's still time to enter (or add more codes to your entry).

If you're not up to speed with what's taking place, we've hidden a number of QR codes around the website that reveal a secret word. If you type in the different words into our competition form, then you enter a prize draw to win an Xperia S.

Type in all five, and you'll be also entered into a grand prize draw where there's a Bravia TV, Vaio laptop, and Xperia S up for grabs.

You don't need to type all the codes in at once, though - you can enter each one on various days and you'll still be counted. You also don't need to scan them - just click on the image and you'll be taken to that particular word.

If you've been struggling to find the codes, here are a few clues:

First word: Best call on the Xperia S to review the situation.

Second word: Metal slugs? That can't possibly have a QR code hidden within.

Third word: We cast a pod with a QR code stored within.

Fourth word: Look up! It's in this article! Honestly.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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