Crytek unveils PC and mobile cross-platform gaming service GFace

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Crytek unveils PC and mobile cross-platform gaming service GFace

Famed first-person shooter developer and CryEngine creator Crytek has announced it’s currently putting together GFace, a new social gaming network for PC and mobiles.

Essentially a combination of social networking services and games player, GFace will run completely in browser and allows you to add friends, post interests, use embedded video chat, and a drag and drop party creation system.

Let's get together

Most importantly, the service is set to give OnLive a run for its money by using its own cloud-based streaming service for games.

GFace will be able to scale online multiplayer experiences depending on the devices players are using. One example given is a PC player acting as a soldier, while another player acts as air support from their phone and a commander oversees all the action on his iPad.

More information on GFace and how to get involved with the ongoing closed beta can be found at the official site.

Tom Worthington
Tom Worthington
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