Come hang out with us on Twitch

Going live

Come hang out with us on Twitch

You probably already know all about our sister site AppSpy.

But what you might not know is that AppSpy regularly runs a stream over on Twitch.

Now's the time to educate yourself, then.

At 2pm today, you see, AppSpy main man (and Pocket Gamer Podcast host) James Gilmour and yours truly are hanging out and playing the awesome Out There live for all to see.

Come watch us play this super-tough space-based video game live on air. You can also chat with fellow Pocket Gamer, AppSpy, and 148apps community members about how badly we're balls-ing everything up.

Watch live video from AppSpy on
Peter Willington
Peter Willington
Die hard Suda 51 fan and professed Cherry Coke addict, freelancer Peter Willington was initially set for a career in showbiz, training for half a decade to walk the boards. Realising that there's no money in acting, he decided instead to make his fortune in writing about video games. Peter never learns from his mistakes.