Blizzard to use your mobile for World of Warcraft security

Mobile account authentication tool, also for iPhone

Blizzard to use your mobile for World of Warcraft security

Quite whether security is a major issue for World of Warcraft player’s accounts, I couldn’t really say (not my area). But when it comes to net access you can never be too secure, so Blizzard is rolling out an optional mobile authenticator tool to keep your account safe.

The Mobile Authenticator application is already available for a host of different handsets, and provides you with an eight digit, single use code when logging into to play World of Warcraft.

I believe I have something similar for my online banking – a small dongle that generates a new code every time I log in. And I must admit that having an app on my phone, rather than an easy to lose dongle, would be preferable.

The tool doesn’t require you to connect to the internet through your handset each time, it should be noted. There’s an initial requirement to authenticate your authenticator, and after that all the codes are generated by the tool itself.

It’s also being made available for the iPhone and iPod touch, and will work in exactly the same way.

It’s an optional layer of security to protect your online gold, so it seems like a pretty good idea if you’re blue wizard regularly needs food badly. Is that the right game I’m thinking of there?

Head on over to Blizzard if you want to find the key and unlock the door.

Spanner Spencer
Spanner Spencer
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