Asus' Eee Pad to come with Flash, USB, webcam and app store

Windows 7 tablet gearing up for Computex showcase

Asus' Eee Pad to come with Flash, USB, webcam and app store

Asus looks set to take advantage of troubles between Apple and Adobe when it showcases its tablet, the Eee Pad, at Computex 2010 in Taipai.

The Eee Pad, which will run on either Intel or ARM chips and come with Windows 7, will make its public debut at the event after being announced back at the start of February.

As you might expect, Asus is keen to talk up the advantages it has over iPad, its pre-Computex blurb pointing out Apple's tablet is without either a camera or USB port - both features Eee Pad will ship with.

Flash in the pan?

More interestingly however, the company has got involved with the long-running spat between Apple and Adobe by stating the Eee Pad will come with full Flash support.

"The Eee Pad can display Abobe Flash for the full web experience, has a USB port and a camera," says Asus chairman Jonney Shih.

"We looked at how we could best address the needs of users from all walks of life, and I believe this is the product."

Indeed, while Steve Jobs claims to have technical concerns regarding Flash, Apple's unwillingness to make iPad compatible with the software gives its rivals a selling point they can exploit when pitching their respective devices as serious contenders.

Mirrored marketplace

But Asus isn't stopping there, with the firm intending to take on Apple by launching an app store too. The marketplace is being developed in conjunction with both Intel and Microsoft, though the level of cooperation is unknown.

Microsoft unveiled its own attempt to take on the App Store back in March, with the forthcoming Windows Phone 7 OS coming with its own branded marketplace.

Microsoft on the march

The Eee Pad - and its associated app store - marks another chapter in the close relationship between Asus and Microsoft.

Asus CEO Jerry Shen has been keen to cosy up to Microsoft, openly pledging his support to Windows Phone 7 when it was revealed earlier in the year, and both companies intend to take on Apple head on in their respective markets.

They won't be alone either. As reported by Computex, the tablet market has come alive post iPad, with Lenovo, HP, MSI, Dell, Acer and Sony launching or planning to launch devices in 2010.

Eee Pad is, in fact, the second Windows 7 tablet being lined up to take on iPad, with MSI having revealed its as-yet-unnamed tablet will also run the OS.

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