Angry Birds hits 140 million downloads

Up 40 million since mid-March

Angry Birds hits 140 million downloads

Such is the continued popularity of Angry Birds, Rovio will soon be able to claim that its record-selling franchise is even bigger than the platform it started out on.

The firm has revealed that total Angry Birds downloads now sit at 140 million, up 40 million on the 100 million milestone it passed in mid-March.

Flying high

In short, that means the franchise's daily download rate currently sits at 890,000 – a touch down on the 1.2 million a day Rovio touted back in March, but hardly shabby.

The company has no intention of stopping there, however. Rovio is aiming to hit 100 million Angry Birds downloads in 2011 alone.

"We are now in the top three for the most copied brand in China," Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka told Macworld, touting the brand's popularity.

"We are up there with Disney and Hello Kitty."

[source: Macworld]

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