Android gamers may get their own version of Game Center soon

'Play Games' app is found in the latest Google Play Services build

Android gamers may get their own version of Game Center soon

Last month, we heard rumblings that Google was working on a Game Center-style application for Android, complete with voice chat, leaderboards, and lobbies.

Well, over the weekend, those rumblings got considerably louder after Android Police got its hands on the latest update for Google Play Services and 'found' a new app called "Play Games".

After some prodding and poking, the guys over at Android Police discovered more than you can possibly imagine about this new Android online gaming service.

First up, it looks like your Google+ account will underpin your Play Games profile. This isn't a huge surprise, in truth, for The Big G probably recognises this as an easy win in terms of expanding its still-nascent social network.

After having a good long look at the code that's powering the Play Games app, Android Police unearthed some more interesting information.

Synced saves; matchmaking and game invitations; achievements; scoring; and leaderboards are all present and correct.

Badge of honour

Google has also designed a little logo to sit in the corner of app icons, much like the Game Center one, to indicate whether a game is compatible with Play Games.

So, all in all, everything we thought was going to end up in Play Games has ended up in Play Games.

Given the reported heavy focus on Android gaming at Google I/O 2013, expect to hear more about the Play Games service and its implications in the next couple of weeks.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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