And the rest... VS. Racing 2, Machinarium Vita, Kairosoft sales

The best of the rest of the news

And the rest... VS. Racing 2, Machinarium Vita, Kairosoft sales
iOS + Android + 3DS ...

Today has been an Android kind of day.

Riptide GP developer Vector Unit has a new Android game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies has shed its Xperia exclusivity skin, Dark Nebula - Episode Two is coming to Android, and Crytek's Fibble is heading to the Kindle Fire HD.

The Pocket Gamer crew has been getting its grubby mitts all over new games and hardware, too, mind.

Jonathan has fiddled around with Sony's new Xperia Tablet S, and James Gilmour got a little bit excited when he played Rayman Jungle Run.

Not every morsel of mobile gaming news deserved its own PG article, though. Instead, they've found a home here. Among the best of the rest...

New releases

China Wireless Arts has released a frantic twin-stick blaster called Armed Beasts. Our managing director, Chris James, saw it while over in China and told us it was "pretty cool". High praise indeed.

Tiny Bang Story - a gorgeous mix of hidden object game and puzzler - is no longer exclusive to Xperia devices. Anyone with an Android device can now download this scrumptious little slice of puzzle heaven.


Top-down racer VS. Racing is back for more in the shape of a huge sequel. Alongside a bumper campaign, VS. Racing 2 has got a fleet of multiplayer modes, including online races and asynchronous time trials. It will set you back 69p / 99c on iOS.

In collaboration with Zynga, Ultima designer Richard Garriott has launched a Facebook game. It's called Ultimate Collector, and it's about selling all your old junk at garage sales. First impressions: not good. Hopefully, Ultimate RPG / New Britannia (working title) will restore our faith in Lord British.

Full Fat has launched "the number one kicking game on mobile", apparently. In NFL Kicker 13, you boot balls for one of 32 official NFL teams. 69p / 99c to you, sir.

Hot updates

Goroid has added a new campaign to its post-apocalyptic endless-runner TheEndApp. It's called London Apocalympics, and it features a British Bobby as one of three new playable characters. A bit late off the mark, guys - get it here.

On the horizon

Machinarium creator Jakub Dvorsky has told Pocket Gamer that a Vita version of his charming Czech point-and-clicker is "in the works", though it hasn't actually been confirmed for release yet. Keep crossing those fingers.

CIRCLE Entertainment is set to launch a hex-based RPG called 18th Gate on DSiWare. Yes, we didn't know people were still making DSiWare games, either. It's approved for release in the US, and is going through the final stages of checks in Europe.


There's another one! Retro Pocket is inspired by Nintendo's super-retro Game & Watch handhelds, and comes with eight mini-games. It'll cost 500 DSi Points, and will be out on September 20th in North America.

Tech stuff

US retailer GameStop has slapped a price tag on the upcoming Android-powered WikiPad portable. When this Tegra 3-powered gaming tablet goes on sale on October 31st, it will cost $499. It's available for pre-order starting today.

According to Reuters's sources at European telecoms operators, Nokia's new Lumia 920 will hit store shelves in Europe this November. More than a month after the iPhone 5 goes on sale, presumably.

Sales atr-imusic

Pay what you want for a bunch of iOS game soundtracks. This music bundle includes the dirty Chipzel tunes of Super Hexagon, the orchestral loveliness of Horn, and PuzzleJuice's ambient electronica.

To celebrate 25 years of madcap point-and-click antics, all five episodes of Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space are available for 69p / 99c apiece. They are Ice Station Santa, Moai Better Blues, Night of the Raving Dead, Chariots of the Dogs, and What's New Beelzebub?

Two of Kairosoft's hazardously addictive simulations have gone on sale on iOS. You can now pick up both Dungeon Village and Pocket League Story for £1.49 / $1.99 a pop. They come highly recommended, but don't blame us if you waste the entire weekend playing them.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer