Amazon announces new social gaming service GameCircle for Kindle Fire

Leaderboards, badges, achievements, and more

Amazon announces new social gaming service GameCircle for Kindle Fire

Amazon has just added a new string to its digital bow in the form of social gaming service GameCircle. Designed for the Kindle Fire, GameCircle is essentially Amazon's version of Apple's Game Center network.

GameCircle allows developers to add achievements and leaderboards to their games, as well as let users save their game progress to the cloud to pick up on another Kindle Fire device.

Players who sign up for GameCircle will be able to track their achievements in game, and receive notifications when they unlock another badge. You'll also get to track your position on the GameCircle leaderboards so that you can easily check your percentile ranking.

Beta be good

The GameCircle service has apparently been in beta for a while, and Amazon felt obliged to share some glowing reports from different studios who've taken part in the beta program.

"We are thrilled to be part of Amazon's GameCircle with Temple Run. The new service is a great way to keep our fans engaged by offering them more opportunities to play the game, and an intuitive platform to connect with new players," Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Temple Run dev Imangi Studios, said.

We should be seeing the first games with GameCircle integration coming out pretty soon, and Amazon is promising plenty more innovation in this area, as well.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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