A Continent Of Million

Nintendo DS hits the big M within four months of release

A Continent Of Million

With the massively increased graphics capabilities of the nextgen consoles certain to push games further down the road to photorealism, the success of Nintendo’s grossly underpowered DS - most new mobile phones are much more powerful - is even more remarkable. Since being released in March, Nintendo has sold over a million of the devices in Europe, thanks mainly to innovative software such as WarioWare Touched!,Yoshi Touch & Go and PictoChat, which use its touchscreen interface and Wi-Fi connectivity to great effect.

DS sales in the US and Japan continue to be strong too with total hardware sales in those countries currently running at 1.9 and 2.4 million respectively.

And there’s certainly plenty of great software still to come. Nintendo’s puppy game Nintendogs is selling like... well hot dogs in Japan. It’s due for European release in October, with other 2005 titles including Electroplankton, Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. Further down the line, there are also rumours about the next Zelda DS game, with series producer Eiji Aonuma saying the company is hard at work on a DS game that will be controlled using touchscreen and stylus