7-inch tablets will be 'DOA' reckons Steve Jobs

Too small, too expensive

7-inch tablets will be 'DOA' reckons Steve Jobs

As part of its Q4 earning call, Steve Jobs turned up to pour scorn on companies such as Samsung, which is releasing its 7-inch Galaxy Tab, and RIM with its 7-inch PlayBook, due in 2011.

Following on from what he called Apple's extensive user testing over the years, Jobs stated: "We understand there are limits in terms of how users interact with touchscreens.

"The 10-inch screen size is the minimum. Seven inches isn't sufficient to create great tablet apps."

Half pint

Jobs pointed out that because screens are measured diagonally, the area of a 7-inch device is 45 per cent less than that of a 10-inch device.

He also called such devices 'tweeners' - too small to compete with iPad and too big to compete with the portability of smartphones.

Other issues with which he beat up the competition included: the relative high price of 7-inch tablets compared to the aggressive pricing of iPad; the lack of apps compared to 35,000 now available for iPad on the App Store; and the fact that Google has advised OEMs not to use the Android 2.2 OS, but to wait until Android 3.0 is released - advice many aren't taking.

"I think they will realise seven inches is too small and they will have to release bigger devices next year," Jobs predicted.

"7-inch tablets are going to be DOA."

[source: Apple]

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