Digital Chocolate hurtles onto iPad with New York Rollercoaster Rush

Comes in paid and new free forms

Digital Chocolate hurtles onto iPad with New York Rollercoaster Rush

Can you have too much of a good thing?

Not according to Digital Chocolate, at least when it comes to its Rollercoaster Rush games.

It's released dozens of different versions, with the current one being New York Rollercoaster Rush.

There's been a 2D version for mobile, while the iPhone and iPod touch have had a 3D version in both paid ($2.99) and Lite form.

And now it's come to iPad too; again in paid ($4.99) and a more recently released Lite forms.

As with these games, the point is to control the speed of your rollercoaster as it moves around various tracks located in a vaguely representative New York.

You do this either by tilting your iPad - a bit cumbersome - or using the touch faster/slower meter in the bottom left of the screen.

All about speed

The Lite version features six tracks, which are playable in Track and Race modes.

The track mode needs to be completed with at least one car making it to the end of the level to unlock the Race mode. That's all about fastest times, while the Track mode is about keeping the excitements levels of your riders as high as possible.

If you want to break out your wallet for more, the full version of the game features 40 tracks, plus 40 challenge races. There's also a Bluetooth multiplayer mode.

New York Rollercoaster Rush is out now for iPad, priced $4.99, €3.99 or £2.99, or free.