App Army Assemble: Nekosan - Mr Jump but with lovely soothing cats

And less broken phones

App Army Assemble: Nekosan - Mr Jump but with lovely soothing cats
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Remember Mr Jump, that hardcore mobile platformer that drove you insane? You know, the one that was responsible for all those broken phones?

Well, the developer is at it again with another hardcore platformer - though this one features a cute cat, which may soothe you when the frustration sets in.

At review, we gave it a Silver Award and said: "As cute as it is infuriating, Nekosan rewards dedicated players with elegantly designed levels and one-more-go gameplay".

We also asked our hardcore mobile gaming community in the App Army for their thoughts, which they happily provided below.

Wesley Tee

It's got cats in it - what more could you ask for? The audio is cute, and it's easy to pick up and play, but it gets frustrating if you aim for perfection on every stage.

Kainen Ryan

This was fun for a bit but doesn't really provide enough challenge. I know that the real aim is to collect all the fish, and finish levels within the time limits but there's no incentive to do so.

If you had to, say, collect a set number of fish to unlock later levels that might give me the drive, but as it is it just doesn't have enough to grip me.

Tom Clark

I'm not enjoying this. There's no tutorial, and I couldn't figure out how to control the cat. The graphics are adequate at best, and there's not much replay value.

Laura Egri

There's a good concept here but it's not very groundbreaking. The controls take some getting used to but are competent enough.

I like the simple graphics and that the challenge ramps up over time.

Aaron Carey

I loved Mr Jump so much because the levels were so punishing. While the concept here is similar, it feels a little easier due to the shorter levels. It hasn't grabbed me in the same way at all.

Quincy Jones

The difficulty curve is great and there's a nice blend of puzzle and platformer here. There's a load of characters to unlock and medals to earn for those that love to compete.

While I'll agree it's not groundbreaking, it still has a lot of good things going for it and I think people will enjoy it.

Oksana Ryan

If I hadn't been playing this for the App Army, I'd probably have deleted it because the controls are difficult to get used to. Having said that, when I eventually got the hang of them it wasn't a bad game, and provides a decent challenge.

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