Nekosan is 1Button's feline platformer successor to Mr Jump

Jumpy cat

Nekosan is 1Button's feline platformer successor to Mr Jump
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1Button's minimalist platformer Mr Jump was a huge success last year, and now their next game Nekosan looks to expand on what made that game so enjoyable, bringing simple platforming from side-scrolling levels to single-screen gauntlets when it releases next month.

Much like Mr Jump, Nekosan's cute cate moves automatically, with your input making it leap gracefully. But here, your goal is to collect stars in tight trap-filled stages. Yes, the spikes are returning as well.

The trailer showcases a wide variety of challenges, from shifting levels, tight spike-lined corridors, patrolling mice, moving hazards, and other obstacles. You'll be able to leap and dodge in style, thanks to different character skins to customize your feline.

Nekosan will be releasing on iOS on November 3rd.

Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
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