NBA Smash slam dunks on to mobile

And alley oops over its spiritual ancestor

NBA Smash slam dunks on to mobile
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Basketball may not be a sport that enjoys much attention this side of the pond, but one area that it has penetrated successfully is video games and Gameloft's NBA Smash is the latest in a very long line.

The game looks like it could be lots of fun, opting for quick fire 2-on-2 street style games mixing up an array of ridiculous stunts with real NBA players for a casual take on the sport. Sound familiar? Anyone born before 1990 will surely be thinking of a game named NBA Jam right around now, but it's a winning formula that has spent too long collecting dust.

Not only that but it's a perfect fit for mobiles and as long as the controls are kept good and simple, NBA Smash could be great or to use a more apt term, 'ballin'.

There are 150 players from 30 NBA teams as well as three playgrounds, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, to play in, which is a pretty comprehensive roster for what is essentially a casual take on the sport. The game is out now so we will be reviewing it very soon, click 'Track It!' to be sure not to miss it.