6 mobile games that need a remaster like N.O.V.A. Legacy

Remaster of the universe

6 mobile games that need a remaster like N.O.V.A. Legacy
| N.O.V.A. Legacy

The mobile gaming industry is full of firsts, but we recently learned of a particularly notable one. N.O.V.A. Legacy from Gameloft will be the first ever remaster of an original mobile game.

We've had loads of sequels, of course, and many of those marked a massive improvement in quality and change of direction. But we're not talking about that.

We'll allow Gameloft to explain: "N.O.V.A. Legacy presents the legend reborn and remastered. Prepare to relive the events of N.O.V.A. 1 in this remastered and revamped version for Google Play."

This looks set to be like those classic console games that are overhauled and re-released on newer systems with improved graphics and fresh content.

Which got us to thinking - which mobile golden oldies would we like to see remastered?


We recently featured Rolando as our first pick in a piece about the ten games that have defined Apple's iconic smartphone. This is because it was arguably the original platform-defining game, and one that set the template for countless cute physics puzzlers to follow.

The sad thing is that Rolando only got a single sequel before vanishing into obscurity. We think it's about time the first game got a reboot for modern devices.

Flight Control

Rather like Rolando, Flight Control was an early smartphone gaming star that received a single sequel before disappearing. Given that the line-drawing genre is all but defunct these days, we still reckon there's a good deal of mileage to be had here.

Drawing flight paths for multiple planes was always great fun, and we think a new version with updated graphics and more plane types would be a big hit - particularly with those who fondly remember the original.


Zenonia is another early smartphone game star, but it makes its way onto this list for a different reason. After the first couple of games, the Zenonia series lost its way somewhat - concentrating on better graphics and freemium models rather than richer worlds and greater depth.

That's a shame, because there's the kernel of an excellent action RPG in here. This had the potential to be the mobile Zelda way before Oceanhorn showed up. It still could be, via a thoughtful reboot that cuts down on the mindless grind.

Glyder 2

Glyder 2 scored a rare 10 out of 10 here on PG back in 2009 - reason enough to start pondering a modern reboot. Glu's game was a 3D flight game that utilised the iPhone's then-novel accelerometer to make you feel like you were soaring.

Add in a free-flying open world that positively encouraged exploration, and you had the kind of freeform experience that remains unusual on mobile. It's a bit ugly by today's standards though, so a fresh start with vastly improved visuals would be brilliant.

Sword & Poker

Regular readers may have spotted that I'll take any opportunity to espouse the virtues of Sword & Poker and its equally brilliant sequel. Amazingly, both games are still available on the App Store - but they're not in a great state.

Both retain their brilliantly poised Solitaire-meets-RPG gameplay, but the graphics belong to a pre-iPhone 5 age. There's a more recent game called Sword & Poker Adventures that attempted to modernise the formula, but it's crap. Just Reboot the original(s) with fresh graphics already, someone.

Wolfenstein RPG

You can't get the original Wolfenstein RPG on mobile anymore, but it was brilliant. This 2009 iPhone hit took the beloved FPS original and turned it into a slick action-RPG with a cheeky sense of humour.

It's a premise that seemed to acknowledge the inherent compromise of FPS games on mobile in an elegant way, and it's well deserving of a modern reboot.

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