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Happy Anniversary to Talking Tom! Ten fun facts you didn't know about the entertainment icon

Happy Anniversary to Talking Tom!  Ten fun facts you didn't know about the entertainment icon

The global TV and gaming superstar turns 10 this summer

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Outfit7’s first ever game, Talking Tom Cat, catapulted the lovable character into global superstardom when it launched back in 2010. This summer, the family entertainment company is celebrating 10 incredible years of Tom.

Over the past decade, Outfit7 has achieved some incredible milestones – including achieving 13 billion downloads of its portfolio of mobile games – but this one is extra special. Tom is the character that launched it all! To celebrate this epic milestone, here are 10 things you might not know about Talking Tom.

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Humble beginnings

The first game that Tom appeared in was Talking Tom Cat, which Outfit7 launched all the way back in July 2010. This game was made by eight people in a garage using a $90 3D model of a tall cat. In the years since, Outfit7 has evolved into a multinational entertainment company and Tom has made a bunch of new friends; the Talking Tom and Friends franchise is now known and loved around the world.

A multinational company and a multi-award-winning franchise

Outfit7 now has multiple offices across the world, and since 2010 has grown into a global team of around 350 people. As the team has grown, so has the company’s success. The Talking Tom and Friends franchise has won numerous awards for its games, digital video content, and more over the past decade.

Tom is a Leo

Did you know that Tom's birthday is on August 18th? That makes him a Leo, which perhaps isn't so surprising given that he's confident, enthusiastic, and a natural leader.

His latest game – My Talking Tom Friends – is a smash hit!

Bringing all six of the world-famous Talking Tom and Friends characters together for the first time, My Talking Tom Friends is the game fans of the franchise have always wanted. The game takes the virtual pet genre to the next level, letting players take care of and play with all of the characters at the same time. With mini-games, epic visuals, loads of customizable options and, of course, lovable characters, it’s clear to see why it’s already had 100 million downloads globally!

Tom's an acting superstar

Tom made his silver screen debut in the comedy movie Nine Lives back in 2016. He appeared in the movie alongside Hollywood legend, Jennifer Garner. But that’s not all! Tom is set to star in a movie himself! His major motion picture is currently in the works. To ensure that Tom makes a fantastic transition to the big screen, Outfit7 has acquired the assistance of Jean-Julien Baronnet, who you may know as the producer of the TV series Rabbids Invasion and the Assassin's Creed movie.

He's also starred in his own series

Tom is also the star of his own 3D CGI animated series, which is called Talking Tom and Friends. Now on its fifth season, the show is loved by fans all around the world. The series is currently the 9th most in-demand family show online on the planet! In the show, Tom’s voiced by Golden Globe Nominee Colin Hanks!

Tom has lots of other shows as well

In addition to movie appearances and his own CGI series, Tom has also featured in several other shows, including Talking Tom Shorts, Talking Tom and Friends Minis, and the Talking Tom Heroes series. All of his digital video content combined has been viewed a whopping 56 billion times.

Tom is a huge sports fan

Tom is a bit of a thrill-seeker and enjoys any activity that gets his adrenaline pumping, hence his penchant for most sports. His love of adventure certainly gets him into trouble sometimes, but somehow he even manages to make disasters fun! Plus, he's surrounded by good friends who are always willing to help him out.

Talking Tom has fans all over the world

It’s no secret that Tom loves the spotlight and continues to be a social butterfly, over the past 10 years, Talking Tom has captured the hearts of players and fans all over the world, including the UK, USA, India, Brazil and several other countries.

Tom’s inviting all of us to be part of POK-A-TOM

To celebrate 10 years of Tom, Outfit7 and Tom are inviting all of us to do more of what we love – poke Tom in some of his most popular games! The aim: to poke him 10 billion times in 10 days! If we can, everyone will get a generous in-game currency bundle to enjoy! Let’s do it. Head to Talking Tom Cat, My Talking Tom, My Talking Tom 2, and the latest game, My Talking Tom Friends (which has had a recent record-breaking release) to take part!

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