DS goes flufty-wufty

Time for big, hard men to run away: My Little Flufties are coming

DS goes flufty-wufty
| My Little Flufties

It's all Nintendogs' fault. As millions of small, pink girls stylus-caress their 'cute wittle puppy whuppies', so the marketing departments of game companies around the world have gone into overdrive to see what other pretty DS sims can be created.

The Frankenstein outcome is My Little Flufties.

Really, we can hardly bring ourselves to write anymore... But for the sake of our core audience in the four to eight-year old demographic, we will.

A mixture of My Little Pony meets Tamogotchi, the game starts with you choosing one of five species of Flufties, which appear, from the available screenshots, to be based on cats, dogs and Snoopy.

You're then provided with as many of the creatures as you want, at a rate of one new egg every 30 minutes, with each creature reaching fullgrown status in two and a half hours. Lets just hope overpopulation doesn't result in the Flufty equivalent of myxomatosis.

Your role is to take care of the little critters, fulfilling their basic desires such as playing, eating and drinking. If you ignore these, sadness and sickness will strike – good life lessons for all children). You'll also have to make sure the Flufties are kept clean with regular showers.

Assuming your Flufties are in tiptop condition, you'll be able to play mini-games such as Fish-o-matic, Hopscotch, Mole-o-matic, Shoot-the balloons and Find the Tweet-Tweet. Of course, you could just relax, lay back, shoot the breeze or chase butterflies. Life really is that good in Fluftiesland.

But we'll have to wait awhile to enjoy our time there. My Little Flufties – the first game from eight French gamemakers going under the name DK Games – won't be gracing the DS until Spring 2007. Control yourselves.

Jon Jordan
Jon Jordan
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