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Murder Mystery Machine brings crime solving antics to Apple Arcade

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Murder Mystery Machine brings crime solving antics to Apple Arcade

Murder Mystery Machine is a detective game from Blazing Griffin that sees players investigating and solving various mysteries. It's available now as part of Apple Arcade.

The game will follow Detective Cassandra 'CC' Clarke and her partner Nate Houston as the game kicks off with the pair investigating a murder case. As they make their way across the city stopping at bars, motels and even arcades it soon becomes clear that the murder is much more complicated than it first appeared.

The story will be told episodically with each episode being mostly self-contained but also having interconnected plotlines. It may not surprise you when you hear the structure of the narrative that the game's narrative has been written by folks with TV credits.

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That doesn't mean they want to take all involvement from the player away though. The developer's aim is to put a big focus on the deduction element of the game. Although you'll search each location for evidence that won't reveal all the answers, you'll still have to connect all the dots yourself.

It sounds ideal for anyone who loves watching TV series and trying to predict all the various twists and turns using the hints it gives you along the way. As you can see in the teaser trailer above you will literally create an evidence board – one of those boards where they connect everything with string – in the game to try and solve the crimes. So it seems like it will really try to make you feel like a TV detective.

Murder Mystery Machine is available now through Apple Arcade. If you pick it up today then you'll be able to enjoy a 1-month free trial. To see a list of games available on the service you can check out our definitive list.

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