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MU Origin 2, Webzen’s hit MMORPG, gets a new character class plus a ton of fresh features

MU Origin 2, Webzen’s hit MMORPG, gets a new character class plus a ton of fresh features
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The stellar MU Origin 2 continues to go from strength to strength, now boasting more quality content than ever thanks to its latest 2.0 update. A spinoff to the much-loved MU Online, Webzen’s MMORPG has cultivated a passionate fanbase since its global launch earlier this year.

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The most exciting new addition may be the latest playable class. The Holy Mage is described as a leader of the 'holy light'. She’s a magic-focused class that could well shake up the game’s more competitive modes.

Those who’ve grown tired of riding the same mount will enjoy the new Harley Devilson and Dragon Boat mount skins. On top of that, you’ve also got 2 new Guardian Pets – Son of Titan and Buttercup – to fight by your side.
The Costume Wardrobe is another neat idea. Basically, it allows you to store and organise your favourite costumes. Doing so efficiently will grant you powerful property bonuses. You’ll initially only have access to 5 wardrobe slots, but more can thankfully be bought using diamonds.

Another addition is the ‘Battle Core’ mode. From 12:30-13:30 and 18:30-19:30 during the Abyss Season, you’ll be able to test your mettle in intense 4v4 combat against other players. Taking part is well worth the effort, with XP, Battle Coins, and Seed Jewels up for grabs. Achieving the highest killstreak in a match will also earn you the new ‘Core Assassin’ honour title, which is pretty neat.

MMORPG fans would be wise to take MU Origin 2 for a spin, especially in light of all the new content that’s just been added in the 2.0 update. If you’re interested, you can find it for download now over on Google Play and the App Store.

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