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Survive deadly woodlands with strategic magic in roguelike Ms Spell

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Survive deadly woodlands with strategic magic in roguelike Ms Spell
| Ms Spell

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Formerly titled "Misspell", the cleverly-monikered Ms Spell is the new iOS roguelike from the developer of MicRogue, taking that game's exploration of a mini-roguelike from dungeons into the endless Dreadwood on a quest to retrieve a lost tome.

While MicRogue was more akin to chess, Ms Spell is, quite aptly, all about spells. Every randomly generated forest is full of both varied enemies and diverse spells, and to defeat the former, you must collect and strategically use the latter.

Each spell is one use only, so every stage forces you to wield a revolving arsenal of magic to survive, weighing health, positioning, and enemy behavior against which spells to activate at the right moment.

Area-of-effect fire, fireballs from above, teleporting swaps with adjacent foes, freezing blasts, and healing are only some of the spells you'll collect while surviving from floor-to-floor.

Ms Spell is available for 99p / 99c on iPad and iPhone, a launch sale price that'll be available for the first two weeks of release.

Christian Valentin
Christian Valentin
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