[Update] Ustwo: 95 percent of Android players didn't pay for Monument Valley

And you know where that leads us...

[Update] Ustwo: 95 percent of Android players didn't pay for Monument Valley
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Updated on January 7th, at 10:12: Whoops, we mistakenly quoted Butterscotch Shenanigans as saying it saw a five percent piracy rate on iOS. The actual number is 50.

Updated story follows…

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Monument Valley creator Ustwo has revealed that its innovative puzzler suffered an exceptionally high piracy rate on Android.

"Interesting fact: Only 5 percent of Monument Valley installs on Android are paid for," the studio tweeted. "40 percent on iOS."

It made clear that this didn't count the Amazon Appstore, where the game went free for a short time over Christmas. And that some of those unpaid installs were legitimate (such as press copies).

Still, that's a pretty high piracy rate. But it's not too surprising, as other Android developers have experienced similar numbers.

Butterscotch Shenanigans said 95 percent of Android owners pirated Towelfight 2, while 50 percent of iOS users looted the game. SEGA saw a 9:1 piracy ratio of Football Manager Handheld on Android.

And you can guess where that leads us: free to play. Indeed, an 80 percent piracy rate on Android forced MadFinger to make the Dead Trigger games go free.

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