Monument Valley marks its tenth anniversary with special celebration

Monument Valley was first released in 2014 to critical acclaim, by developer ustwo games

Monument Valley marks its tenth anniversary with special celebration
  • Monument Valley by ustwo games has hit its ten-year anniversary
  • The developer is celebrating with upcoming fan events, live performances from the composer and more!
  • Check out everything that's in store for this long-running title

Nowadays, games will take nearly any opportunity to celebrate, whether a one-year anniversary or even a half-year anniversary! But for some storied titles there really is a reason to shout about it. Monument Valley, from developers ustwo games, is celebrating a major milestone with its tenth anniversary! And to mark this amazing, decade-long journey since the game first released in 2014, they've announced some special events to commemorate it.

While there aren't any mobile-specific celebrations, the developer has released an exclusive Anniversary Celebration video showcasing critical reactions throughout the years. A special performance from Monument Valley composer Todd Baker is also in the works, alongside numerous fan events to be announced in the coming days. There's also been a release of exclusive wallpapers for fans of Monument Valley to decorate their desktops.

A monumental achievement
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While a standalone title celebrating its anniversary may not seem as monumental (pun intended) as a single game running that same time, it's still just as worth celebrating if not more so. Especially because Monument Valley kickstarted an entire series of games and arguably the popularity of ustwo themselves. This anniversary is also an amazing opportunity to check out some of the behind-the-scenes development stories about the game, like interviews with the ustwo games team where they give their insights.

Monument Valley is notable for being one of the earliest, 'stylish' puzzling games to hit the mobile market. Since then things have changed a lot, but its minimalist and rather intriguing presentation still makes Monument Valley stand out. You can see how it's made the list of our top 20 best indie mobile games, showcasing that a game doesn't have to come from a major developer in order to make it on mobile in the eyes of both players and critics.

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