Zynga's Pokemon-style Montopia is now available around the world

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Zynga's Pokemon-style Montopia is now available around the world
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Good news, monster collectors: you no longer have to live in Japan or Canada to download and play Zynga's Pokemon-style iPhone game Montopia.

Yes, it's now available in the UK, US, and plenty of other countries around the world.

This new free-to-play title from Zynga features no fewer than 400 monsters from three unique classes: fire, wood, and water. You'll find these monsters sealed inside treasure chests.

You can also add rare beasts to your Monstapedia by combing monster fragments and playing the game's daily lottery.

Throughout your adventure, you'll also have the opportunity to fuse multiple monsters together and create new critters that will grow stronger and maybe even evolve as they gain battle experience.

You can download Montopia from the App Store right now for free. It's also available for free on Android, by the way - here's the Google Play Store link.

Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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