Pokemon-a-like Monster Racers is announced for DS

Monsters, role-playing and racing - surely a winning combo

Pokemon-a-like Monster Racers is announced for DS
| Monster Racers

As if one game about monsters wasn't enough for one day (Lexicon also announced Monster Frenzy should you have missed it), Koei has unveiled Monster Racers. Obviously monsters are set to be the new brain training and we didn't realise.

Monster Racers blends the two winning formulae of racing and role-playing. As is usually the case with any game involving monsters, you spend the game roaming a world in search of new ones, then train and nurture them. Finally - in a twist on the usual fight - you get to race them.

So players will journey to build friendships with new allies and take on races with rival trainers. It basically sounds like Pokemon crossed with something like Wacky Races. Over wi-fi up to four players will be about to race in tournaments or go on safari together capturing new monsters.

It's maybe not the most original concept we've ever heard of, but - you never know - it might just turn out to be fun. The game is scheduled to be hitting DS sometime in 2009. Click 'Track It!' if it sounds like your thing and we'll keep you updated on it.