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Monopoly Tycoon tips and tricks for beginners to progress quickly

Monopoly Tycoon tips and tricks for beginners to progress quickly

Monopoly Tycoon is an all-new incarnation of the iconic board game where you can build a business empire. Nvizzio Creations and Hasbro have teamed up to develop and publish this game, and it was released globally last week. In this post, we will be covering some Monopoly Tycoon tips and tricks for beginners that will help you progress faster.


There are a limited number of blocks available where you can place your buildings. Your ultimate aim should be to utilize all the blocks available on a given piece of land. Each building needs a different amount of space to be built. For example, an Urban condo building takes six tiles while a charge up motel takes up eight. Each piece of land also has a limited number of tiles. For example, Vermont Avenue has a total of 110 tiles available where you can construct buildings.

To utilize all the available tiles, you will need to plan accordingly. Firstly, don't build buildings in random areas. Try to build next to your previous construction without leaving any tiles in between. Also, don't forget that you can rotate the buildings, so try that if it does not fit right. And last but not least, you get a free camera angle. So, you can turn the camera angle to understand building placements better.


While placing the buildings in a manner that utilizes all of the available space is important, at the same time, it is also vital to place buildings in the right spot as well. There are four types of buildings - Cottage, Motel, Businesses and Decorations. The residential buildings have needs, and businesses fulfill these needs. For example, Minnie Motel's need is food, and grocery shops can supply food. So, it would be best if you built these businesses on the same plot of land as this will satisfy the guests' needs in the motel, and in return, you will generate a huge chunk of cash.

Fulfilling needs is the most important aspect of the game. It helps you generate a massive amount of cash, helping you progress quickly. For example, Cosy cottage's basic rent is $500/h, but you can earn +1.5K/h more just by satisfying the needs.


If you get confused about what to build or upgrade next, you don't need to burn your brain cells. The fastest way to progress in the early game is by completing quests. Just aim to achieve these objectives. It will automatically help you decide what to build next, what lands to buy, what business to upgrade and so on.

That concludes our Monopoly Tycoon beginners tips and tricks. For more such tips and guides, stay tuned with us.

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