Langdell stripped of Edge trademarks, could face charges


Langdell stripped of Edge trademarks, could face charges
| Mirror's Edge

Tim Langdell, infamous trademark troll and general nuisance of any game, magazine, or developer that uses the 'term Edge' in a video game context has finally been stripped of his trademarks.

Following a request from publisher EA to cancel Langdell's trademarks - due to fraudulent behavior in the patent system - the court has officially requested that the US trademark commissioner remove the trademarked words from Edge Games's ownership.

Those include 'Edge', 'The Edge', 'Cutting Edge', 'Gamer's Edge', and 'EdgeGamers'.

How did he act fraudulently? Well, to prove that he’s still using the trademarks in a meaningful and commercial fashion, Langdell showed the USPTO examples of recent comics and games that bear the moniker. Unfortunately, they were all fake, doctored, or had their dates tinkered with.

Now, his time of judicial spats is over. He no longer holds the rights to the words, and could even face criminal charges for his activity in the Patent Office. The only bright side for Langdell is that he doesn’t have to shell out for EA’s court costs.

The ‘troll’ (The court's words, not ours) has used its legal might to threaten Mobigame for developing iPhone adventure Edge, sue Electronic Arts for Mirror’s Edge, and generally be an annoyance to Edge Magazine, Namco’s Soul Edge, and others.

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