Mirror's Edge, geoDefense Swarm, Droplitz, Battleship, and more heading to Windows Phone

Springing into action

Mirror's Edge, geoDefense Swarm, Droplitz, Battleship, and more heading to Windows Phone

Achievements for the next batch of Xbox Live-enabled Windows Phone games have leaked out, revealing a rather strong-looking slate of releases planned for the platform over the next month or two.

The headliner (as it were) is probably Mirror's Edge, the side-scrolling run-and-avoid-guns classic from EA Mobile.

A cross between a running game and a parkour action title, Mirror's Edge has you sliding under obstacles, flinging yourself down chutes, and trying to outrun the tyrannical security services in a stark futuristic city.

If it's anything like the iOS original, it'll come with the undeniably cheesy, yet incredibly catchy, theme tune, too. Bonus.

You sunk my Droplitz

Also revealed is Battleship, which manages to be the first (I believe) game based on a movie based on a boardgame.

If that sounds too much like Inception for you, then there's also the puzzling water-based title Droplitz Delight to look out for, the Java version of which managed to nab a 6/10 from us on review.

Similarly, the 6/10-scoring geoDefense Swarm will also be winging its way across to Microsoft-powered handsets, providing some colourful vector-based tower defence action in the process.

Keep shooting

Glu's F2P iOS hit Contract Killer, meanwhile, has been certified for release on Windows Phone, and will be packing 200 gamerscore in with its assortment of rifles, despite its low price tag of nothing.

Finally, the cute Fling! - from 2009 - will be hoping to puzzle a new batch of mobile gamers later this spring. It picked up a Pocket Gamer Bronze Award on release, so it'll be interesting to see if it can stand up to more modern counterparts.

All titles have yet to get a solid release date, but we'd expect them to pop up over the next few weeks.

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