MIR4's year end update introduces the Yuin's Letters of Hope event and more

MIR4's year end update introduces the Yuin's Letters of Hope event and more
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Wemade Entertainment is closing off 2022 with one final update for their mobile MMORPG MIR4. It has gone live only a few hours ago and it introduces the Yiun’s Letter of Hopes event and more, which bring a tonne of rewards for players to enjoy as we move into the new year.

Kicking things off is the Filled with Hopes 14 Day Check-in event that rewards players with loads of rewards over the next two weeks just for logging in. Available until January 23rd, it will give everyone a chance to earn a variety of items like Diving Dragon’s Blessing Tickets, Rare Noirsoul Herbs, Epic Blue Dragon Statues, Coffer of Hopes, Rare Dragon Spheres, Rare Mystical Piece Boxes, and Legendary Blue Dragon Statues.

Next up is Yiun’s Letter of Hopes event, which is set to ring in the new year. Players will be tasked with collecting Letter of Hopes and then exchanging them for heaps of special items. Until January 9th, up to 1,000 items can be collected each day, but only from monsters 20 levels above or below the character’s level.

Yiun will be located in all the villages and players are free to visit her anywhere in order to exchange the letters for a bunch of rewards such as Enhancement Stones, Blue Dragon Statues, Boxes of Hope, and more. All other details can be found in the in-game announcement.

In addition to this, special community events are being held on MIR4’s Facebook page to spread holiday cheer with the community. Currently, a silhouette of an image has been posted and players have been challenged to identify the characters in it. Winners shall receive a treasure trove of goodies such as Legendary Draughts and a variety of Summoning Tickets.

Welcome the new year in style by downloading MIR4 on your preferred link below.

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