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Minecraft: What’s the Bad Omen and how to remove it

Minecraft: What’s the Bad Omen and how to remove it
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Several distinctive status effects in Minecraft have various impacts on you. Bad Omen is one of the many effects you can find inside the game, and it appears when the player enters a village after killing a villager captain/raid captain.

It essentially triggers a raid in which the villager mobs attack the village, and you either have to defend the same or flee. The raid can be challenging, and you must be prepared to fight your way through to get your hands on the “Hero of the Village” status effect, among the other loot.

This guide contains the necessary information on the Bad Omen status effect, how to remove it, and more.

What’s the Bad Omen?

Bad Omen status effect

In simple words, it can be stated that the Bad Omen status effect causes a raid to appear when the player affected by it visits a village. As previously said, it occurs after you kill a raid captain (the one with the banner), which you may usually come across at pillager outposts, patrols, and other locations.

The status effect can also be caused if the tamed wolf of the player proceeds to kill the raid captain. A crucial thing you can note is that the status effect wouldn’t cause any harm to you unless you enter a village inside Minecraft.

Moreover, the number of waves of villagers in the raid would vary based on the world’s difficulty. The potency can further increase in the game by killing multiple raid captains.

Another fun fact about the Bad Omen status effect is that you will not receive it if you kill the raid captain indirectly, i.e., via fire, lava and more.

Ways to remove the Bad Omen status effect in Minecraft

Cow in Minecraft

You might wonder how you can get rid of the Bad Omen status effect in Minecraft. Don’t worry - removing the particular effect in question isn’t that difficult, and you can do so in two methods. The following are the specifics about both of them:

Drinking a bucket of milk

Drinking a bucket of milk is the easiest way to eliminate the Bad Omen status effect in Minecraft. Milk will work on Bad Omen because it essentially removes all effects.

You can harvest a bucket of milk from cows, goats and mushrooms. All you would need for the same is an empty bucket, which you can easily craft in the game using 3x Iron Ingots. Accordingly, whenever you get the Bad Omen status effect, you can get a bucket of milk and drink it. You wouldn’t have to make much effort, and it wouldn’t take much time to find a cow in the open.


The other means of removing Bad Omen applied to you inside the game is to die. As dying removes all the effects applied to you, this is the alternative method you can use. However, it is not recommended since dying will take away all your experience and is simply a waste of time.

As a result, you are advised to use a bucket of milk if you want to remove the specific status effect inside the game. Besides this, as the Bad Omen status effect lasts 100 minutes, you can also wait for a particular duration to remove it.

What are raids in the game?

Raid in Minecraft

Raid can be defined as an in-game event featuring waves of mobs spawning and attacking the village. As you would already know, it gets triggered when the player enters the village while having the Bad Omen status effect.

There are three waves when you are playing the game on Easy difficulty, five when in Normal, and seven when on Hard. You would have to encounter mobs like Pillager, Vindicator, Ravager, Witch, Evoker and more (depending on the difficulty) and defeat them to safeguard the village. In the process, you will also be able to get the mob loot, Totem of Undying and Hero of the Village status effect.

What is the Hero of the Village status effect?

Hero of the Village status effect

Alongside the Totem of Undying, the Hero of the Village status effect is one of the highlights of why players in Minecraft wish to get the Bad Omen status effect and engage in the Raids.

It is rewarded to you after you defeat the waves of the mobs. After you receive the special effect, it will last for 40 minutes, and you will receive free gifts and discounts from villager traders, which can be very beneficial.

The discount varies depending on the level of the Hero of the Village status effect, which is indirectly related to the level of the Bad Omen status effect. In addition, the discount doesn’t apply to the trades of the wandering trader.

That’s it for all the required information on the Bad Omen status effect and how to remove it in the game. You may further check out our guide on how to get a carved pumpkin in Minecraft to learn the procedure about the same.

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