Minabo is a life sim game that follows the story of a turnip and its social circle, coming soon on mobile

Minabo is a life sim game that follows the story of a turnip and its social circle, coming soon on mobile
  • Players control a turnip, deciding its social relationships
  • No way is correct as players can choose to build a family or spend their life with just pets
  • Releases on February 9th, costing $3.99

Spain-based studio DevilishGames has just announced that their critically acclaimed title, Minabo, will be coming to Android and iOS devices in the next few days. The game was originally released on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, where it won a number of awards. It has a beautiful art style and takes players on a journey through the life of a turnip.

That’s right. Minabo is a social simulation game that puts players in the shoes of a turnip. Players will be in control of the vegetable’s life, determining whether or not they thrive in their social relationships. Players will explore interpersonal relationships just like us humans do as they build their social circles.

It all begins when the little seedling sprouts and slowly grows into a vegetable. With every step the turnip takes, it will learn from its surroundings. By interacting with its kind, the vegetable will shape its own personality and the strengths and weaknesses gained here will have long-lasting consequences on future decisions.

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Just like plants need water to grow and survive, relationships must be nurtured the same way. Only then will the social circle remain. Of course, if things don’t feel right, players are always free to run away from those situations. There are thousands of ways to live and no single one is correct. For instance, these turnips can also adopt radish pets and spend time with them or breed little turnip families of their own.

The game features a total of 25 missions and each one poses different challenges we experience in life. No two lives will ever be the same. The story and characters are randomly generated, allowing for loads of replayability and a new experience every time.

Minabo will be released on mobile on February 9th for a premium of $3.99 or your regional equivalent.

Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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