Million Lords has hit three million downloads

Can the game get to 100 million?

Million Lords has hit three million downloads
  • 3 million downloads hit in almost half a decade since launch
  • Most downloads came after the 3D update
  • The developers are targeting 100 million downloads

Million Victories has just announced that their popular title, Million Lords, has just hit a new downloads milestone. The 4x strategy title has just hit a whopping three million downloads. This is majorly thanks to the massive update last year, which transformed the game into 3D, significantly improving the gameplay experience. 

Million Lords was released back in 2019 and had two million downloads around this time last year. Simultaneously, they introduced the New Dimension update, which brought 3D graphics that added about a tonne of immersivity.  It further added a new PvE mode for those bored with the entire PvP loop too.

armies with a staff of water and buildings in the background

These new additions popularised the game once again, which is evident from the million downloads just in the last year. Plus, the title has doubled its monthly revenue over the last six months. You could probably attribute all this to collab events like the one with Mr Beast, as well as other features that have been introduced from time to time.

Three million is just a stepping stone as the ultimate goal is to reach a staggering 100 million downloads. The developers will ensure their ambitions are achieved through a variety of different means, including expanding Million Lords’ reach to new regions like MENA and Asia. A wider audience means bucketloads of more downloads.

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On top of that, upgraded live ops systems will ensure more frequent and diverse events such as the Sun and Moon event which will go live on June 19th. Future updates will be focused on clans and co-op gameplay, allowing you to enjoy more with your buddies.

Increase the tally yourself by downloading Million Lords now on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Visit the official website for more information and join the Facebook page alongside the rest of the community.

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