Migni is about setting the world on fire and getting chased by giant chickens

Clucking hell

Migni is about setting the world on fire and getting chased by giant chickens
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In Migni you will get chased by a knight riding a giant blue chicken. That's enough of a reason for me to pay attention.

But it goes on giving me more reasons: You play as the last "Flamewalker" who is on a mission to set the world on fire again.

Thing is, you're not a demonic force with hatred in your eyes, you're a cute flame that has to hide and flee to survive. Not your usual pyromaniac, then.

"Migni" is the name of this Flamewalker, but that's the only thing he can remember after somehow surviving the war his kind had with the Cloudwalkers.

Your task is to find out how you are, rescue your friends, and stop the Cloudwalkers from building a theme park.

Luckily, you have a friendly wisp called Kelvin to help you out. It seems that Kelvin can change form and, as such, help you out across a number of different action scenarios.

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Not much else is known about Migni at the moment, except that it's a combination of action, puzzles, and platforming.

Oh, and we also know that it'll be coming to iPad and Android tablets whenever it's finished.

With its peculiar characters, varied action, and pyromania-driven story, Migni is a game we'll be keeping an eye on. You can do so yourself by checking out the game's website.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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