Mighty Tactical Shooter is a stylish arcade shmup with turn-based battles

Bend bullets

Mighty Tactical Shooter is a stylish arcade shmup with turn-based battles

Side-scrolling arcade shmups are old bag. They've been around for years, and in that time they haven't really changed that much.

But Brighton-based indie studio Sock Thuggery wanted to find something a little different in this genre. So it asked a simple question: what if a shmup was turn-based?

Enter, Mighty Tactical Shooter - a turn-based arcade shmup.

Okay, so it's not the first of its kind. Silver Award-winning game R-Type Tactics tried out something similar on the PSP. But this indie shooter still caught our eye.

Plus, Mighty Tactical Shooter is a little more versatile than the hex-based grid of R-Type Tactics. You can move the ship and aim its guns all at once with complete freedom of the screen.

Mighty Tactical Shooter

As the enemies fly at you, guns blazing, you'll have to adapt every other second by making little tweaks to firepower, shields, repairs and evasions with the game's detailed UI.

The environment plays a big part, as you can use gravity wells and gravity bubbles to bend bullets and missiles. Tractor beams can conjoin enemies so they spin out of control. Wormholes can teleport ships and shots to useful places.

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The turn-based elements of Mighty Tactical Shooter allow you to employ strategies that you'd never be able to in real-time, and that makes for super stylish battles.

The plan is to launch a Kickstarter for Mighty Tactical Shooter in the coming weeks. While desktops will be getting the game first, the game will be landing on iOS and Android devices post-launch.