Mighty Battles is a lane-based multiplayer shooter by Kill Shot developer, coming to iOS and Android November 16th

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Mighty Battles is a lane-based multiplayer shooter by Kill Shot developer, coming to iOS and Android November 16th
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Remember when we were lucky enough to get our hands on Hothead Games' upcoming title Mighty Battles in September? A month and a bit later we've learnt that there's not much longer to wait to see the game on mobile.

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From the developer/publisher that brought us the popular Kill Shot franchise, Mighty Battles is a PvP, lane-based shooter with a bit of a twist.

The aim of the game is to destroy your enemy's base by deploying units and shooting down oncoming foes. The way you'll get a leg over your opponent in battle is to collect units from 40 different soldiers, vehicles, base defenses, and weapons, and build the ultimate team.

Just to mark the occasion, Hothead's given out some more information introducing some of the game's units:

  • Brick
    • "Brick’s rockets will put the hurt on anything the enemy throws at you. Primarily an anti-vehicle unit, he’s a good all-around addition to any squad. When he isn’t demolishing tanks, he also enjoys singing karaoke"
  • Ember
    • "She’s mighty hot! Ember torches everything with her trusty flamethrower. By scorching all enemy ground units and the enemy base with fire, Ember will continue to inflict serious damage even after an attack. Ember is particularly useful against groups of enemy units and at earning deploy coins."

  • Rocket Launcher
    • "Seriously upgrade your turret. Anything caught in the explosive radius of your rockets takes huge damage. The Rocket Launcher likes to break up the party and is great for targeting and hitting groups of enemies and bigger, bulky enemy units."
  • Tank
    • "This rolling powerhouse may not be the fastest moving unit in your squad, but she packs an almighty punch once she gets there. Destroying enemy vehicle units is a formality for this beast, before she heads on to pound the enemy base into smithereens!"

  • Boom Bros
    • "Delivering double the trouble, these twin brothers are bodybuilding champions and grenade launcher specialists. Imagine if they were triplets! Each brother can shoot six grenades before reloading. If one gets wiped out, his surviving brother continues on the boom attack."
  • Attack Chopper
    • "Keep opening card crates until you get to the “choppa,” because this airborne reinforcement glides through the breeze and eliminates vehicles with ease."

Mighty Battles launches on iOS and Android on November 16th, free to play.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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