Complete Metrico walkthrough for PlayStation Vita - Chapter 2

Solutions to this game's tricky puzzles

Complete Metrico walkthrough for PlayStation Vita - Chapter 2
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The world of PlayStation Vita puzzle Metrico changes as you play. A platform might rise each time you jump, or a pillar might fall when you run left.

This sets up some seriously devious and difficult puzzles. Which is why we've put together this complete guide that shows you how to solve the lot of them. But only if you get really stuck.

In chapter two we'll learn about checkpoints. Hitting circle sends you back to the last checkpoint (I call it respawning in this guide) and resets the puzzle. You can activate new checkpoints by hitting circle on an unused checkpoint.

Having trouble following this guide? Some of the puzzles get quite complicated, and it's tough to explain the solution in words. If you can't understand, speak up in the comments below and we'll try to help out.

Puzzle 1 Metrico

Hit the circle button to make a checkpoint appear. Now keep hitting the button to make a staircase appear, step by step. When it's finished walk up to the top.

Puzzle 2 Metrico

Hit the circle button here to respawn at the checkpoint, which lets you clear the gap.

Puzzle 3 Metrico

Jump repeatedly until you can climb over the pillar on the left. When you're stood on the giant blue disc, walk left and right until the rightmost pillar comes down. Jump on top of it and then jump onto the ledge.

If you mess anything up, use your new respawn powers to reset the stats and return to the checkpoint.

Puzzle 4 Metrico

In this puzzle, you standing on a block and jumping makes another block rise up by one notch. We've labelled the platforms in the screenshot above to help with the description below.

Stand on block A and jump up to make block B rise up, and walk right onto block B. Jump left from block B to block A. Then jump on block A, and jump again - this time from block A to block B. Now jump onto the middle platform.

Jump down onto block D, to make block E rise up. Now zig zag from block E to block D until you can reach the ledge on the right.

Puzzle 5 Metrico

Simply drop from platform to platform. A red line will be drawn, but there doesn't seem to be any need to land on specific platforms.


In this puzzle, the rightmost column rises as you walk right, and the middle column rises automatically.

To get to the ledge, move to the ledge by jumping and moving right in mid-air. Do it quick and you'll be able to scale the staircase (you may need to wait for the middle platform to rise up) and jump across to the right ledge.

Puzzle 6 Metrico

Drop down onto the leftmost platform, and then walk off the right side and drop down onto the blue button to make that platform rise up by one notch. Walk left and drop down onto the leftmost platform. Make it rise by walking left and right, and then drop onto the button again.

Repeat this process - and never jump - until both the left and middle platforms are at maximum height.

Now run across the two platforms and jump off the very top to reach the platform on the right. If this was the only jump you make, the right platform will be high enough for you to jump across to the ledge.

Puzzle 7 Metrico

Reset the puzzle with circle to make all three dynamic pillars retract into the ground. Jump over the first two hurdles and then hit circle while stood next under the floating ring to turn it into a new checkpoint (a check mark will appear).

Hit circle to respawn from this new point, and reset the heights of the pillars again.

Repeat the process on the rightmost checkpoint and continue your journey.

Puzzle 8 Metrico

Walk right, jump onto the ledge, and press circle near the floating ring to turn it into a checkpoint. Now walk left, with the platform, to reveal a blue button.

Hit circle to respawn from the new checkpoint, and walk the platform left again. Respawn a third time and you'll drop onto the floor. Stand on the blue button until the pillar retracts right into the ground and then walk to the right.


Jump while underneath the ring, and hit the circle button while in mid-air to turn it into a new checkpoint. Now walk right so that the platform from earlier is underneath the checkpoint. Respawn to land on the platform.

Walk right, with the platform, and jump up onto the high ledge on the right.

Puzzle 9 Metrico

Each time you respawn in this section, the horizontal platform on the left will lurch out. Keep hitting circle until the platform stops the leftmost vertical column from reaching the bottom.

Similarly, jumping causes the right horizontal platform to expand. Jump (and respawn) until the platform stops on the column on the right from reaching the bottom.

At this point, the two columns should be stuck up in the air. Wiggle left and right to make the small obstacle to the right retract, and then jump over the chasm and continue to the right.

Puzzle 10 Metrico

Jump repeatedly until the dark middle platform rises to at least 36 percent. Now walk right with the horizontal platform and drop down onto the dark middle platform.

Walk left - the horizontal platform will also go left and you can drop down to the hoop. Hit circle to make a new checkpoint, and hit circle again to reset all the platforms.

Now stand on the dark middle platform and jump. A lot. Until it reaches 100 percent height. Now run and jump off the top to land on the platform on the right.

Puzzle 11 Metrico

Walk all the way left to make the blue door lock into place. Now walk all the way right to do the same with the red door. Go in either to finish the second chapter of Metrico.

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Mark Brown
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