Complete Metrico walkthrough for PlayStation Vita - Chapter 1

Solutions to this game's tricky puzzles

Complete Metrico walkthrough for PlayStation Vita - Chapter 1
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The world of PlayStation Vita puzzle Metrico changes as you play. A platform might rise each time you jump, or a pillar might fall when you run left.

This sets up some seriously devious and difficult puzzles. Which is why we've put together this complete guide that shows you how to solve the lot of them. But only if you get really stuck.

Chapter one introduces us to the first mechanic: jumping. Simply tap the the X button to leap into the air and solve these puzzles.

Having trouble following this guide? Some of the puzzles get quite complicated, and it's tough to explain the solution in words. If you can't understand, speak up in the comments below and we'll try to help out.

Puzzle 1 Metrico

We've skipped past the introduction bit, and we'll start with this puzzle. Here, this block shifts up every time you jump, but falls down when you run right.

Leap up a few times (when stood to the left of the giant square) so the Y meter equals about 250. Then run right, and under the block.

Puzzle 2 Metrico

This pillar moves up by about 25 percent every time you hit the ground. So jump a bunch of times to make it rise up and then run underneath and to the right.

Puzzle 3 Metrico

This platform rises up when you change your Y coordinates, so run left and right until it reaches 100 percent.

The next platform rises when you run left but drops if you go right, so run all the way left and jump to the right. Repeat until you can reach the ledge on the right.

Puzzle 4 Metrico

Jump repeatedly until the tall pillar reaches the bottom of the screen. Then walk to the right to make the block marked X move to the right.

Then jump onto the block and walk right to transport the block and yourself to the ledge on the other side of the screen.

Puzzle 5 Metrico

Jump repeatedly to make the pillar drop, and make the platform come down to the bottom of the inverted pyramid. Jump on top of the platform and wiggle the analogue stick left and right to make it rise back up to the top right spot. Then jump off and slide down the hill.

Puzzle 6 Metrico

On this section, the bridge size is dictated by how many times you've committed suicide. Bleak.

To make it reach out, throw yourself into the bottomless chasm three times. Then you can simply run across the bridge and continue to the next puzzle.

Puzzle 7 Metrico

This a devious puzzle. Every time you hit the ground, the pillar (marked 0/4 in this screenshot) gets higher. Instead of jumping on these platforms, simply drop down from the high ledge to the floor.

The pillar will only jump up one step and you can easily jump on and over it. (If you make the pillar go up too high, throw yourself into the chasm to reset it).

Puzzle 8 Metrico

Walk right and jump on the leftmost platform. Now walk left and right on this platform until the middle platform is lowered to about 98 percent. Jump onto it.

From here, jump on the rightmost platform. Now keep jumping to make it rise up into the air. When you're at the top, jump to the right to find the end zone.

Puzzle 9 Metrico

Go into either door to finish the first chapter.

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