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Mesh Dash, the hardcore retrowave mobile game, is out now on Google Play

Mesh Dash, the hardcore retrowave mobile game, is out now on Google Play
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Qugart Games has released Mesh Dash, a hardcore casual endless runner on Android devices after it was said to be “coming soon” during its announcement last year.

Mesh Dash is an endless runner where you roll and bounce a ball through a metropolis reminiscent of retro-futuristic synthwave aesthetics. Using two fingers, you can control the bounce and trajectory of the ball, using one to steer and another to dash.

There are platforms moving and rotating about which’ll add to the challenge, with many obstacles looking to break your momentum and send you crashing. It’ll require you to bounce on them or avoid altogether if you want to survive. The further you go, the higher you score climbs but the challenge also increases. Large walls, dangerous energy platforms and lethal laser beams will try to stop you in your tracks.

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It’s all combined into a world vibrant with fun retrowave graphics, which accentuates its arcade experience. It’s a beautiful looking game and you can see more from the trailer above.

Furthermore, there’s a competitive side to Mesh Dash too. You can challenge your friends to beat your scores as each of your masters the flow of the game. There are online leaderboards that show you how well you compare to everyone else, and there are achievements and cosmetics integrated too so you can proudly show off your skills to the rest of the world.

If you want to play Mesh Dash for yourself, you can download it now from the Google Play for Android store where it is a free to play title containing adverts. There’s no word on an iOS version yet but we’ll keep you updated if one does surface.

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