Retrowave endless runner Mesh Dash is coming to Android

Retrowave endless runner Mesh Dash is coming to Android
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Qugart Games has billed Mesh Dash as a hardcore-casual endless runner game. It’s coming to Android devices soon, and you can currently pre-register on Google Play.

It’s an endless runner where you bounce a ball through a retro-futuristic synthwave metropolis (in layman’s terms that means a nice shiny ‘80s-style arcade game). You use two fingers to control the bounce; swiping with one finger to steer and tapping or holding the other to dash. It’s important to think fast and concentrate hard, because that’s the best way to stay alive for as long as possible.

To up the ante, there are moving and rotating platforms that will try to break your momentum all the time, requiring you to bounce on them or avoid them altogether to survive. As you collect higher scores, the map gets harder with huge walls, deadly energy platforms and lethal lasers to stop you in your tracks. See a trailer below for a demonstration of the gameplay.

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Then there’s the competitive aspect of Mesh Dash, where you can challenge your friends to beat your high score as you each master the endless ball bounce flow. The online leaderboards also show you how well you stack up against the rest of the world. There are also achievements integrated into this, rewarding you with special skins and cosmetics for pulling off some difficult manoeuvres.

It’s all built together in fun retrowave graphics, emphasising an arcade-like vibe with the vibrant colours and synth music beats blasting in the background. It’s frankly a very beautiful-looking game and this style only enhances that.

Mesh Dash will come to Android soon, but you can already pre-register on Google Play to access the game when it releases. It will be a free to play title containing adverts.

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