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Merge Villa is a new puzzler about building your dream home that's available now for iOS and Android

Merge Villa is a new puzzler about building your dream home that's available now for iOS and Android
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Lion Studios’ Merge Villa now allows the players to build their dream home by solving exciting puzzles. Bring out your creativity and help Alice to solve the puzzles to rebuild her grandparent’s home which got destroyed in a tsunami. The puzzler has released for both Android and iOS.

Use your brains to forge out tools by combining multiple items that can be used to repair the house. The main aim is to build the house from scratch and decorate it gorgeously. Make sure to use stylish furniture, eye-catching colours and paintings.

While building the house from the ground, you will get a chance to grab the hidden treasures of your family. As you progress through the game, new levels and storylines will get be unlocked gradually. The devs have made sure that the players don’t get bored with the content as they have prepared a very engaging story that keeps surprising you with new twists.

Make new friends and encounter multiple characters who will also help you rebuild and decorate your family’s mansion. If you are into cute pets such as puppies and kittens, then you can adopt one and keep them with you in your magnificent mansion.

Easy to play and no tutorials required, along with modern mechanics, start building a house by simply solving the puzzles in Merge Villa. Following the launch of the puzzler, Nicholas Le, President of Lion Studios said: “It’s been a pleasure working with the 4Enjoy team to bring this game to life. Motivated, closely-knit teams like theirs are the key factor for any path to success, whatever the genre,”.

Merge Villa is now available on Google Play and App Store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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