Report: iOS casual smash Mega Jump pulled as Apple clamps down on App Store incentivisation

No joy for Tapjoy

Report: iOS casual smash Mega Jump pulled as Apple clamps down on App Store incentivisation
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[Update: Since publishing this article Pocket Gamer has learned that developer Get Set Games, not Apple, initially pulled Mega Jump from the App Store in order to fix a bug. Apple then rejected the game when Get Set Games re-submitted it for approval.]

Following speculation that Apple is tweaking its App Store chart algorithms to prevent publishers from gaming the system for chart exposure, has learned that Apple is clamping down on the practice of download incentivisation.

What's download incentivisation?

It's when a developer pays a third-party company to attract customers by offering things like in-game credit for games they're already playing in exchange for downloading a game.

Incentivisation is extremely common among freemium game developers operating in a competitive market. Examples include Glu's Big Time Gangsta, which lets you earn 7 Creds for downloading freemium app Tap Zoo or 61 Creds for downloading £2.99 app Cleopatra's Pyramid. To obtain 65 Creds would normally cost you £5.99.

Companies offering download incentivisation include TapJoy, Adknowledge, and Flurry. reports that, 'several games, some of them very high profile and previously available on the App Store, have been rejected when updates were submitted, with the reason given that they offer virtual currency in exchange for downloads apps.'

Get Set Games's freemium app Mega Jump, which has racked up more than 13.5 million iOS downloads and is also available on Android, appears to be one of them.

Big Time Gangsta and other freemium games are still available however as it appears Apple is only pulling titles when updates are submitted.
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