A Thinking Ape splices Creatures and Pocket God for iOS breeder Meego Village

Inherited traits

A Thinking Ape splices Creatures and Pocket God for iOS breeder Meego Village
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In my day job over on, we were all very excited during 2011 about Meego.

It was going to be the mobile operating system that Nokia used to regain its #1 spot in the smartphone industry.

That plan went south very quickly, as Nokia only released one phone (the N9) using the OS as it 'pivoted' (as we say in the biz) to Windows Phone instead.

Long introduction, but we assume the meegos in Canadian developer A Thinking Ape's new free-to-play iOS game Meego Village aren't related.

The walk of life

After all, the game has been in soft launch in Canada and Australia while the Vancouver-based studio tweaked the gameplay and ironed out the tweaks to ensure that the global launch is nothing less than glorious.

As for the game itself, it's all about those colourful, mask-wearing meegos, who - powered by their mojo magic - live in the crater of an active volcano.

Taking a leaf from the Creatures' and/or Tamagotchi game design book, you have to nurture each of your unique meegos to adulthood.

Then the fun starts because you can breed them to create new meegos who will inherit the skills you taught their parents.

Village people

Of course, there are also plenty of environment items and buildings for you to unlock that will help you raise your Meego nation to legendary status. And you can visit your friends' villages and brag to them about it too.

But - and here A Thinking Ape might be ripping a strip from the Pocket God design book - you have to beware the moody temple god Graven. After all, your village is situated in the crater of an active volcano.

Wonder what could go wrong?

Meego Village is out today - 18th October - for iPhone and iPad and is free-to-play.

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