Oyaji’s Luc Bernard reveals 2010 plans

Mecho Wars dev has a busy opening quarter lined up

Oyaji’s Luc Bernard reveals 2010 plans
iPhone + DSi + PSP
| Mecho Wars

We’re less than a week into 2010, but that hasn’t stopped Luc Bernard from boldly outlining his plans for the New Year.

The Oyaji Games developer has confirmed that his company is now an official PSP Minis dev, with the highly coveted status being granted at the tail end of ’09. Mecho Wars is currently being ported to Sony’s online service and the upcoming Mecho Tales will be exclusive to the PSP.

Bernard also revealed that highly-anticipated action-RPG SteamPirates is on course to drop anchor on the iPhone some time in February, with a PSP Minis release tentatively penciled in for March.

“The game is not 100 per cent an RPG but a mixture of different genres since it has lots of different mini games - including a Castle Defense clone,” explained Bernard when we quizzed him about SteamPirates.

“It basically has a lot of references to past titles of mine, but it's not a mini-game fest either - the smaller games are there to make the gameplay more varied.”

It certain sounds pretty exciting and there’s most definitely room for an epic RPG on the iPhone right now. We’ll be running an exclusive preview of the game in the next few weeks.

Looking further into the future, Bernard is working on the concept for a game based on the legend of The Little Mermaid.

“I am literally obsessed with the original story - not the Disney version,” he says. “I’ve been working on my own version of the tale. It’s going to be very dark and won't be done in pixel art but will feature paintings and hand drawn animation.”

So there you have it - Oyaji and Bernard have a busy year ahead, which will hopefully means lots of lovely games for us lucky punters to enjoy.