Colourful iPhone tactics game Mecho Wars temporarily free

Download at no cost for a limited time

Colourful iPhone tactics game Mecho Wars temporarily free
| Mecho Wars

Turn-based tactics game Mecho Wars is available for a limited time as a free download for iPhone and iPod touch.

The game appears as free on the App Store, though there's no mention of what prompted the price slash on the listing.

It's likely a measure to garner interest in developer Oyaji Games's unique title, which earned a bronze award last summer.

Since its release in mid-2009, a slew of features have been added including online multiplayer, OpenFeint integration for achievements and leaderboards, and new modes of play.

Consistent updates have done much to improve what was a solid game. In particular, the introduction of online multiplayer addresses a major criticism regarding the game's lack of replay value.

Also available for free is an online-only multiplayer spin-off entitled Mecho Wars Online, although given the free status of the full game it seems a waste not to download the latter.

Mecho Wars is available for iPhone and iPod touch for a limited time for free.
Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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