Mecho Wars video and screenshots update

Plus, Cupid pays a drunken call on Luc Bernard

Mecho Wars video and screenshots update
| Mecho Wars

We heard about Luc Bernard's iPhone-based prequel to Eternity's Child at the beginning of March, and Damien managed to get his hands on a pre-release version just a few weeks back.

The game plays much like Advance Wars on the DS, with its slightly caricatured turn-based strategy gameplay, only Mecho Wars takes the term 'real-time' far more literally than most other games.

The clock is always ticking, and the game adjusts itself to match the time of day. This can mean shallow depths of water freezing during the night, allowing you to move units across it, for example.

The game's been delayed as Bernard decided to implement an online mode, and is apparently in talks with a publisher to help him bring the game to the App Store.

Judging by the video below, Mecho Wars must be close to a release, and has clearly taken its toll on the developer - who takes the opportunity at the beginning of the video to apologise to his absent girlfriend.

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