Luc Bernard's Mecho Wars Online mode coming soon

Integration with Twitter and Facebook also on the cards

Luc Bernard's Mecho Wars Online mode coming soon
| Mecho Wars

Luc Bernard - everyone’s favourite Anglo-French iPhone developer - has confirmed Mecho Wars will be getting an online mode very soon indeed.

Bernard has revealed that the update has been submitted to Apple for approval and will enable players to go head-to-head in the eminently likable Advance Wars-style strategy title.

Those of you who happen to be following Bernard’s posts on Twitter will have noticed he’s been spotted playing a beta version with his designer Sean Reid - whenever you win a match, the results are automatically posted on the popular social networking site. Facebook support is also said to be included.

In addition to this neat feature, the update will introduce four different online play modes (Capture, Gold Digger, Assassination, and Annihilation), achievements to earn, medals to unlock and the ability to extend personal challenges to your friends. Or should that be enemies?

Our own Tracy Erickson reviewed Mecho Wars a while back and found it to be pretty enjoyable, but remarked that it “needs more content and polish to reach its full potential”. The additional of online play - which Bernard is keen to stress is coming totally free of charge - should go some way to fulfilling that potential.

Damien  McFerran
Damien McFerran
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