MechAssaults onto DS

Prepare for 32nd Century robot conflict in MechAssault: Phantom War

MechAssaults onto DS
| MechAssault: Phantom War

Replacing the earlier train driver and astronaut fantasies of their fathers (and grandfathers), it's surely now every schoolboy's dream to grow up to be the pilot of a 30-metre tall mechanical assault robot.

Or so reckons US developer Backbone, which is currently hard at work on MechAssault: Phantom War to enable such playground fancies to become reality, on the DS at least.

Based on the BattleTech series – also the source for Microsoft's MechWarrior and MechAssault games on other consoles – this DS-friendly take on the hulking blocks of iron will be less strategic and more action-based than many Mech games.

You'll be able to choose from around 20 different kinds of Mech, and there will be numerous opportunities to upgrade your armour, guns and other associated robot jewellery as you go.

The DS' touchscreen will act as your cockpit controls, with various functions such as radar maps and weapon selection available; if things get really hairy, there's even an eject button. Backbone says the touchscreen will also enable you to hack into enemy Mechs.

Other promised features include four-way multiplayer across three game modes, and 24 single-player campaigns.

We're hoping MechAssault: Phantom War doesn't get too rusty as it heads towards what we reckon will be a rain-drenched autumn release. As yet, a UK publisher has yet to be confirmed.