Mechanics comes to mobile

The one-thumb puzzle game should be ready in August, providing they can get the parts

Mechanics comes to mobile
| Mechanics

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the creators of Lemmings should feel a boost to their self-esteem with the arrival of a new title called Mechanics from OrangePixel.

Still, as 'inspiration' goes you could do a lot worse than pick on the suicidal puzzler gem. And Mechanics does at least appear to tweak the formula.

Rather than a vast stream of suicidal rodents, you have just four mechanics (hardly enough for an oil change if our local garage's labour charges are to be believed). These grease-monkeys happily roam around peril-packed levels, as oblivious to their fate as they would be to spot a basic timing belt problem in real-life, and it's up to you to keep them safe and smooth their progress by operating a variety of tools within the levels.

Indeed, although you only need to keep one of the boiler-suited boys alive to complete a level, the fact that you start the subsequent stage with the same number you finished the last should engender a more protective attitude to your charges.

We're certainly looking forward to taking care of a few mechanics ourselves when the game arrives in August. So stay tuned for a full Mechanics M.O.T. review in the next few weeks.