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MAZEMAN is a Pac-Man-inspired pixel-art maze running game where you can’t stop moving, out now on iOS

MAZEMAN is a Pac-Man-inspired pixel-art maze running game where you can’t stop moving, out now on iOS

MAZEMAN, Crescent Moon Games’ frantic arcade game where you navigate a maze without the ability to stop moving, is out now on iOS. You’ll play as the titular hero on a quest to find keys that’ll help you triumph over The Maze, avoiding monsters and unlocking collectibles in the process.

Beautifully designed in charming pixel art, the unlockable 24 characters in MAZEMAN each have their own unique sets of abilities, from a mysterious traveller that can stop time to a robot with a penchant for bombing everything in sight. You’ll have to make use of each hero’s special skills to breeze through certain areas of the maze unscathed because what may be unsurmountable for one character may be easy as pie with another.

Tons of dangerous creatures, mini-bosses, and big bosses are lurking in every corner to make your escape as challenging as ever. Thankfully, there will be special power-ups littered throughout the labyrinth to bring you closer to that coveted key (or you can look for extra achievements and hidden gems to make things more interesting!).

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MAZEMAN also features a compelling narrative that’ll pique your curiosity about the secrets of the maze. The cryptic story has a pulp sci-fi feel, as each portion of the tale is revealed to you with every level unlocked. And because this Pac-Man-inspired game highlights a hero who can’t stop going forward, it’s bound to be a fast-paced gameplay experience for adrenaline junkies and casual gamers alike.

MAZEMAN is available to download now on the App Store with a price of $1.99 for the full game. If you’re still a little uncertain about your purchase, you can check out the YouTube clip above to get a better feel of the game.

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