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Math Makers teaches kids math through colourful puzzles, out now on iOS and Android

Math Makers teaches kids math through colourful puzzles, out now on iOS and Android
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If math - or trying to teach math - has always been your personal Mount Everest, Math Makers can make things easier for you, and it’s out now on iOS and Android. Ululab’s educational title aims to make math fun for kids while easing the burden for parents this summer, all through a subscription-based app that teaches math within engaging gameplay.

As the latest title from the makers of the Slice Fractions series, Math Makers provides positive screen time for children by fusing colourful physics-based puzzles with wild and wacky creatures, adding collectible pets as part of the gameplay. With its lighthearted take on fractions, place value, addition, and subtraction, it aims to eliminate the fear of math, and to make kids feel like they’re studying math without really studying inside a classroom in school.

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Not all kids have access to the same quality of math teaching,” says François Boucher-Genesse, Director at Ululab. “Math Makers levels the playing field by teaching kids math concepts without the need for adult supervision. While their kids have a great time playing the game, parents enjoy some guilt-free time off knowing their kids are learning.”

Math Makers features intuitive lessons that tackle core concepts from kindergarten through elementary, as designed alongside university researchers. There are over 500 puzzles (with dominos!) to challenge kids’ brains, plus customization features for collecting pets. And if you're concerned about in-app purchases, there are no ads or micro-transactions to ensure a child-safe environment on mobile. It’s priced at $7.99 a month, but subscriptions are currently discounted at $3.99 on the App Store and on Google Play.

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